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A library is the heart of every institution. An academic library is defined as “a library which is associated or attached with any educational institution to support its educational programme”. It works as a base for teaching, learning, research etc. Hence, the institutions’ progress is measured through the amount of its information centre development and advance. Technology has changed the way we live. Human society has witnessed many developments through the ages. But no other development has as much effect on the society as the emergence of the information age. The proliferation of information in varying forms and formats poses a plethora of problems for information hunters in locating and accessing information. The super abundance of available information and the manifold choices to access it baffle the users in selecting the most relevant. Here the role of library lies. One cannot neglect the importance of library and information centers in organizing and filtering the relevant information. It is my proud privilege to welcome you all in this portal of learning. Our main effort is to update you about latest arrivals, main events and other important information relevant to your study. I hope this blog will motivate you to develop reading habits

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